Simple, there are a great many advantages of joining us, as a Partner in developing your own Business, in your own Community. Probably the most dramatic, and first to realize is, your own , ready to go, from day one, exclusive website. Just drop in your personal information and you are in business, day one.

Yes. One Partnership per City town, trading area. there will only ever be one Partnership in your town. You will be granted an exclusive Licence to operate within the boundaries of your area. When people in your community search for the products we offer, your name and website will come up. You will never have to compete within your area, with anyone else from funfreefreebies.

Depending upon a number of factors, you may operate more than I Partnership.

It’s your choice. We created our Business Opportunity to suit the people that wanted to start, build and grow their own Business from home, setting and obtaining their personal financial goals, on their own time table. For those who wish, moving into a full time business, when it makes sense for each individual, is certainly possible within the scope of this Business Opportunity.

The sincere desire to improve your life by starting your own business. Recognizing that you do control your own destiny and one of the ways to improve your quality of life is by increasing the amount of money you have available to you to improve your overall quality of life.
Yes. This Business can be run entirely from the comfort of your own home. Depending on the individual owner/operator, you may want to deliver some Prizes personally, and take some photos of the winners, but this can easily be done online. Our Business opportunity can be operated entirely online, remotely.
You will need either a computer, lap top, mobile device suitable for viewing, interacting and functioning in a business environment. The device you use, will need to be able to support the bandwidth requirements of the business, as well as having a suitable Internet connection.

Yes. Based on the number of Partnerships you may want, there is a one time set up fee per Partnership area, related directly to the individual computer programming and website software, as well as monthly fee for ongoing support,new website additions, versions, improvements, shared traffic, increased brand awareness, shared Competitions, Freebies and Coupons.

No. Our Business Model is based on owner / operators, people who own their own business, who want to improve and enhance the lives of the businesses and people who live in their own community. This does not prevent owner /operators from hiring employees to work alongside them in their business.

There are a number of criteria we use, but all other considerations being equal, we award the territory to the owner/operators who live in the City, Town, territory. Fostering community involvement is an important component to our core values and the development of our brand.

Yes. There are no storage requirements, no inventory to carry, no signage, no equipment to use or own, no vehicle required, no visible signs that you are actually operating a business from your personal residence. This business is ideal for owner/ operators to run this business from their personal residence. / operators from hiring employees to work alongside them in their business.

No. The products we offer are products that people like to be involved in, enter, voluntarily take advantage of, , take part in, seek out on their own, , be part of, this is NOT a business that requires the owner /operators to seek out people to utilize and use our products.

No. One of the advantages of becoming a Partner with funfreefreebies, in your protected territory is, we provide you with a fully operational website, specific to your territory, based on your preferences and goals for you and your business.

No. Each Partner in the organization has an exclusive Licence agreement with Corporate partners to be the only owner operator in each City, Town, territory. Its exclusive, one Partnership per City, Town, once that exclusive licence has been granted, that territory is no longer available .

No. Based on some restrictions that may apply based on where you operate, some products may not be available. Each individual owner/operator has the choice to offer the products they feel will best suit their individual market and personal preference.

No. You can cancel, stop being a part of the funfreefreebies organization at any time and be under no further obligation of any kind.

This is dependent on the trading areas within a Partnership. A single Partnership could involve 3 small towns, all distinct trading areas and to properly service these 3 trading areas, this one Partnership would have 3 websites.

No. As we fill in trading areas, cities, with new Partnerships, the trading  area, city, town you live may already be taken when you hear about us.  This is an online business, allowing anyone to build and develop their  own Partnership with funfreefreebies literally, anywhere in the world  that has internet access. 

Everyones a Winner

50 tickets

50 prizes

50 winners

Tickets just $ 4.00 a piece

Every Ticket Holders a Winner...….

Guaranteed !

Simple, buy a ticket, tickets, when we have sold a Maximum of 50 Tickets, we use our Random.org Random Number generator and you get a ticket number/numbers we then use our number generator and start drawing numbers, as each prize is awarded, that prize is removed from the wall, as the draw continues, more and more prizes are removed from the Wall, till number 50, ticket holder will receive the last prize On the Wall,